About Before Midnight

Want to know a little more about me, Jen, including which video games I like and what TV shows I watch? Click here.

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3 thoughts on “About Before Midnight

  1. Oh, I love Fable 1 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood! I recently played Tomb Raider 2013 and Bioshock Infinite. I’d recommend both! It’s great to hear about another gamer girl. Stories can be told so well through games and not just books. Great blog!

    – Ermisenda

    • Bioshock looks so amazing on the commercials. I’m actually just a little worried that I won’t like the controls. I’m giving it a little more time for the price to come down some, and I’ll probably pick it up from GameStop as a used game so I can return it for money back if I don’t like it. I recently got my hands on the Mass Effect trilogy and I’m slowly working my way through that now. If you liked Fable, try out Reckoning. It has such an amazingly complex storyline with plenty of side quests and mini-stories. I’ve logged over 100 hours playing it and I still haven’t finished.

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