BFTA Review: Jane Moore – Love @ First Site


Title: Love @ First Site
Author: Jane Moore
Broadway Books
Rating: 4/5
Read for: 2011 Chick Lit Challenge

Spunky, sweet-natured Jessica Monroe is thirty-four years old and perfectly happy being single. Her girlfriends, however, disapprove. And when they secretly place a personal ad on a hot singles Web site on her behalf, Jess is reluctantly hurtled into the topsy-turvy world of online dating. A laugh-out-loud whirlwind of disastrous dates ensues, from Simon, who seems dreamy over e-mail but ditches her at the dinner table, leaving her with the bill, to Graham, a self-described “Ferrari driver” who turns out to be a car salesman–with several (old, fat, bald, creepy, cheap, stuck-up) men in between. When an unforeseen event turns her world upside down, Jess starts to wonder if the qualities she thinks she wants in a man–gorgeous, wildly successful, with a taste for fun and finer things–really are what she ultimately needs…and whether, as a new mystery suitor appears in her e-mail inbox, Cupid has other possibilities up his sleeve. (

The novel opens with Jess’s date with Graham, the “Ferrari driver” who turns out to be a car salesman, then gets on into the description of how she got in this predicament in the first place. Her long-time somewhat friend Kara has placed an ad on an online dating site, thinking it would be a good thirty-fourth birthday gift. Jess plays along, goes on dates even though they’re disasters, and relays her angst back to her friends, while Kara enjoys her misery.

Eventually, disaster strikes–her sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and has to go through treatment. Meanwhile, Jess feels helpless and wants to be able to do something for her sister. Enter Ben, a friend of a friend, who works in a charity shelter for families with children who are terminally ill. Ben listens to Jess’s problems and helps her come to some kind of resolution in regards to helping her sister.

Jess’s attention returns to the dating scene when it is determined that her sister will be okay, and she is pleasantly surprised by her mystery suitor.

I liked this book for its fluffiness. I was glad to see a bit of a serious note with her sister, because it really kept the book from being too surreal and made Jess seem more real.

Originally posted 24 January 2011.


One thought on “BFTA Review: Jane Moore – Love @ First Site

  1. Lol, my response to the cancer name drop was ‘What? It’s meant to be fluffy chick lit!’. Cool review, glad this one just worked for you. I like the premise, very Jessica Stein! (Minus the women!)

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